-Over 30% of the population live on less than $2 per day and 10-15% of households in Kenya are headed by an orphan sibling. 700 children are orphaned every day (that is a child every 2 minutes) and 1/3 of these are orphaned due to HIV / AIDS. This means that the number of orphans is set to rise and Most of This Orphans are Those that turn into street Children’s, At least half of Kenya’s street children addicted to Sniffing glue, according to a recent study by a Kenyan group rehabilitating street children. Glue-sniffing puts these children at serious risk of brain damage, respiratory infections and other problems, On the Streets The Children’s are on High risk of Rape, Sodomised Contract of HIV and STDS, Early Pregnancy and Drug addictions We Can Give Hope when we Join Our Hands Together we Can stop This by Reaching to the Children’s, Giving them Shelter, Food, Education ,Clothing and Medication and This will Bring Up responsible men and women in society, Special attention should be paid to OVC to prevent further vulnerability and ensure their well-being and development as they transition into adulthood

street Children


-RHCP believes it can best educate orphans through a combination of various innovative, yet practical strategies:

-Construct and support self-sustainable schools for orphans that focus on educational excellence and leadership-Provide safe residences where orphans can live and thrive

-Provide preventive health education -Collaborate with local, grassroots NGOs

-Collaborate with international nonprofit charities

-Foster strong relationship-Construct and support self-sustainable school for orphans that focus on educational  with local communities and governments

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