Revival and hope for Children’s Programme Believe Education is at the core of progress in all fields in the world. Its role in eradicating poverty through equitable distribution of income and achieving progress and prosperity can hardly be over-emphasized. Poor or orphaned children are unable to get a chance to learn. They often drop out of school to help provide for themselves or their family, even at an early age. Without an education, the children will be subject to a life of extreme poverty and, at times, may be forced into bonded labor.Most orphans risk powerful cumulative and often negative effects as a result of parents’ death, thus becoming vulnerable and predisposed to physical and psychological risks. … Most children lost hope when it became clear that their parents were sick, they also felt sad and helpless.

Basic Education is a right of all children. It’s estimated that 200 million children all over the world will quit elementary school without the basic reading and math skills they will need to thrive.

By providing children with a basic education and a quality learning experience now, they will have the tools needed to succeed later in life.Orphan and vulnerable children make up about 12% of all children in East Africa as reported by Save the Children UK. These children who have lost one or both parents, mostly due to HIV/AIDS, live in extreme poverty with their guardians, are highly vulnerable and have no access to basic needs. After losing one or both of their parents, most of these children are forced to drop out of school to support themselves, their single parents or their guardians who are usually their grandparents

Education provides skills that boost employment opportunities and incomes of people while it helps protect people from socio-economic ,vulnerabilities Childrens That we Educate Due to their difficult circumstances, children often feel pressured to leave school to start working and support their families at home. which on street their are Turned into Drug addictes,Homo sexual, Early pregnancy and high chances of HIV/AIDS Infection, we want to ensure the orphans continue with their education and build a future for themselves and their families. We believe education has the power to lift people out of poverty and with your help we can Make a huge Change together

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