Revival and Hope for Childrens Programme Believe every Child should be Feed, Street and Orphans Children are particularly affected by the hunger crisis in Africa. There are far too many starving Children in Africa, every single affected kid is one too much. Malnutrition leads to physical and mental development delays and disorders and is a major cause of high infant mortality rates in E. Africa. Street Children whose parents have already died are disadvantaged in numerous and often devastating ways. In addition to the trauma of witnessing the sickness and death of their Parents, they are likely to Suffer with Starvation and less healthy There are more likely to suffer damage to their cognitive and emotional development, to have less access to education, and to be subjected to the worst forms of child labor. According to the World Health Organization, 1 in 9 people in the world go hungry it is difficult to imagine how one can even begin to make a difference. The answer is simply, one child at a time! The plight of orphans and vulnerable children in remote villages throughout Africa, and particularly. Child headed households are surviving without adequate shelter and without adequate food. Your donation will go directly towards feeding poverty stricken, vulnerable children in rural communities. Aside from the stunting of physical growth which results from a lack of food, children cannot be expected to learn in school if their stomachs are empty. Starving children in Africa are extremely vulnerable to disease. When malnutrition weakens a child, common illnesses become life-threatening. Every child deserves a healthy start in life. However, there are far too many starving children in Africa for whom hunger is a constant, chronic pain. We need to move beyond feeling beleaguered to feeling outraged by the unacceptable suffering of children. We must ensure that orphans and other vulnerable children are protected from exploitation, abuse and are feeding Click here to watch a video https://youtu.be/zI2ysCPRqDg

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