We recognise that girls, and women in East Africa face social, cultural, institutional and systemic barriers to their rights. These include child marriage, poverty, child labour, female genital cutting/mutilation, gender-based violence and lack of information on sexual reproductive health and rights. we remain committed to working with the hard to reach and marginalized girls, boys, and women in communities to enhance their quality of life. Our programs target vulnerable and marginalized girls, and women for inclusive development, quality education, good health and sustainable livelihoods. We advocate for inclusive laws and policies protecting girls and women to enhance their participation we Provides legal-aid services for Girl Child

1:Offers counseling for Girls who have have undergone abuse and violence
2: Trains Girls in self representation
3- Provides public education
4--We Advocates for promoting the rights of Girl Child
5- Provide training for Girls and women, to develop their leadership abilities
6- Networking to share information and create awareness of women's issues and Girl Child
7-Bridging intergenerational gaps to strengthen the women's movement and girls

Offer a helping hand