In the children with Physical Challenges  we have  This1:Hydrocephalus 2:Down syndrome 3:Autism 4:cerebral palsy children always are Poor in feeding habits; Projectile vomiting; Seizures; Sleepiness or lack of alertness Developing brains of children have specific nutritional like  babies born with Down syndrome their muscle are very  weak can be feed just fine through bottle feeding. Others have trouble latching on because they have poor muscle tone, a large tongue, and a small most of their food is Grinded and made in liquid form so their can only swallow easily, this children should be introduced to solids at the same time and in the same way as other babies. It takes them a bit longer to co-ordinate the actions needed for eating solids. Frequently need more time to complete feeding tasks, but caution is urged as fatigue may become a factor, as well as reduced attention to the task. Meal times longer than 50 min, on a regular basis, often signal a feeding/swallowing problem,  Please watch this Small Video Click here 

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