Our VCT is an HIV intervention that includes both voluntary pre- and post-test counselling and voluntary HIV testing  Our HIV/AIDS volunteers Team  work with local health care workers providing free HIV testing, outreach and counselling. This work is carried out in a variety of public spaces in the local area, including market places, residential areas and cafes Home visits are also made to help families affected by HIV with business, cooking and housework. 
.Kenya has the joint third-largest epidemic in the world, alongside Mozambique and Uganda.Kenya’s HIV epidemic affects most of its general population, but groups of men who have sex with men, women, sex workers and people who inject drugs are still more vulnerable to infection.
In recent decades Kenya has been a huge prevention success story in the region. It was one of the first to approve the use of PrEP and has led the way in providing VMMC. As a result new infections have fallen dramatically in recent years. 
In 2018, 69% of adults living with HIV in Kenya were accessing treatment. However treatment coverage among children aged under 15 was lower, at 61%.
Although awareness of HIV and AIDS is high in Kenya, many people living with HIV face high levels of stigma and discrimination which prevent people accessing HIV services. 
We  Advocates  the rights and needs of women,Youths and Men living with HIV and AIDS, Provides prevention, care and support services for women with HIV and AIDS and their children,we Raises awareness on HIV and AIDS issues, we Offers training in home-based care, Identifies orphans and provides them with services, we Offers voluntary counseling and testing services which is (VCT)  ,Trains community health workers and homebased care givers to support people with HIV and AIDS ,Offers counseling to the infected and affected, Trains and facilitates dynamic youth peer educators to reach out to other youth with correct, information on HIV and AIDS, Forms support groups for People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) to address members’, psychological

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